About Us

Camp Nibble is a rabbit and rodent rescue charity run by Hannah and Stephen from their our own home, and the homes of trusted fosterers. The shelter is run on an entirely voluntary basis with no paid employees.

They consider their own pets to be family members. Therefore, find it unbearable to imagine that other small animals are living in conditions in which they are scared, neglected and unloved. There are currently thousands of unwanted animals in the UK competing for a very limited number of available rescue spaces. Camp Nibble is also there to help in genuine cases where caring owners are sadly unable to continue caring for their much loved pets.

Rabbit welfare has become the focus of Camp Nibble as a charity. This is simply because in the UK rabbits have been identified as the most neglected and cruelly treated pet and are in desperate need of support. The charity is extremely proud to have Frances Harcourt-Brown the UK's first and only recognised rabbit specialist vet as its charity patron. Along side helping rabbits they also help rodents, turtles, tortoises and some bird species wherever possible.

Press releases

Charity launches government e-petition to address UK pet rabbit welfare...

Animal rescue charity Camp Nibble is urging the government to introduce a code of practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits. The charity based... read more

22.07.2013 • By Camp Nibble